IT recruiting and sales fundamentals

Have you ever thought about starting a career in IT or at least learning more about it? Do you want to understand the differences between frontend and backend, figure out who DevOps are, and why Blockchain was invented? If programming and exact sciences haven’t been your strong suit, don’t worry. Believe it or not, programmers are not the only ones earning in IT. With the right effort and study, you can become an excellent IT recruiter or salesperson and work from anywhere globally.

For whom is this course?

  • For those who want to work in IT recruiting and sales in the future;
  • For those who want to understand IT professions and the IT industry in general;
  • For those who want to work in IT but don’t know where to start;
  • For those with HR experience but not in IT and want to level up;
  • For those who want to earn extra income in their free time.

What will you get as a result?

  • Useful knowledge and practical skills in the IT field;
  • Practice with real job vacancies and real IT professionals;
  • All educational materials, recommendations, presentations, and class recordings;
  • Support in further work and employment;
  • The opportunity to apply for positions such as Junior IT Recruiter, Junior IT Sales, IT Sourcer at MatchMaker.Tech and other IT companies worldwide.
  • Qualification certificate in English.

About the tutor:

Hi! My name is Tetiana Murashchenko – I am the CEO and founder of MatchMaker.Tech. and Larus School, entrepreneur, IT recruiter, and certified HR professional with 13 years of experience in IT and training, business consultant, practical psychologist. Over the course of my career, I have conducted thousands of interviews with IT specialists and helped over 800 IT professionals find employment. Graduates of my IT recruiting courses now hold leading positions in companies such as SoftServe, Epam, GlobalLogic, DataArt, Ciklum, ZFort, and many others. I am happy to share my knowledge with you and help you find your path in IT.

Course Program:

Module 1: Exploring the IT Landscape.
  1. Providing a concise overview of the history of IT.
  2. Defining the scope of this field.
  3. Exploring various types of IT companies and their distinctive characteristics.
  4. Mapping out the career trajectory within IT, highlighting different levels of expertise.
  5. Identifying key roles that play pivotal functions in the IT industry.
Module 2: Key Concepts and Terminology in IT.
  1. Exploring distinctions among applications, websites, platforms, portals, and more.
  2. Understanding the intricate structure of software applications.
  3. Introducing the “Smart Dictionary” as a tool for IT professionals.
  4. Diving into modern trends, including cloud computing, AI, Web3, Blockchain, Industry 4.0, and others.
  5. AI in Recruitment: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in IT Staffing.
Module 3: IT Professions and Programming Languages
  1. Unraveling the Structure of IT Companies and Enumerating Professions.
  2. Exploring the Dynamic Relationships Between Programming Languages and Frameworks.
  3. Navigating Technical Literacy and Essential IT Terminology.
  4. Workshop. Job Vacancy Analysis.
  5. Trends in the development of the IT industry.
Module 4. IT Talent Acquisition. Basics of Sourcing.
  1. Stages of Recruitment and Sales.
  2. LinkedIn as the Primary Tool for IT Recruiters and Salespeople.
  3. Boolean Search, Job Boards, and Alternative Search Methods.
  4. Automation of Processes: CRM, ATS, HRIS.
  5. Vacancy Analysis. Skillful Questioning. Practical Exercises.
Module 5: Communication Features in IT.
  1. The Interconnection of Recruitment and Sales: Why They Are Nearly Identical.
  2. Specifics of Communication in IT: Email, Slack, Messengers, Calls, Meetings.
  3. Crafting Persuasive Emails.
  4. Sales Pitch and Overcoming Objections.
  5. Navigating Remote Communication Challenges in IT Environments.
Module 6: Interview and Client Call.
  1. Initiating the Process: Preparatory Stages for Effective Interaction.
  2. Structuring Success: Creating a Comprehensive Call Plan.
  3. Insightful Conversations: Navigating Various Types of Interviews and Emphasizing Key Considerations.
  4. Beyond the Questions: Unveiling Outcomes of the HR Interview
  5. Sealing the Deal: Post-Sale Procedures, including Follow-ups, Job Offers, and Contract Finalization.
Module 7: Examination.

Within the examination module, you will demonstrate the knowledge gained throughout the course. The examination includes a theory test and a practical assignment.

When and how much does it cost?

The sessions are conducted on Zoom with video and screen sharing. Classes are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:30 Kyiv time. The total duration of the course is 26 hours (13 sessions). The upcoming group starts on March 19, 2024.

The course fee is 245 EUR, and instalment payments are available upon request.

For any questions please contact us: +380 63 585 12 47 (WhatsApp, Telegram) or via email

I am proud of the achievements of my graduates!


Tetiana is my hero in the world of IT recruiting. Her courses are all about practical experience! No unnecessary stuff, just the real deal. Of course, at first, it’s overwhelming, but thanks to these courses, I found my first job in IT!

Anna Makivskaya

IT recruiter, Zfort Group

In these IT recruiting courses, I realized that it’s not just education but a real boost in my career. Hands-on experience with real IT professionals, actual tools, and a lot of valuable insights. Thank you, Tatiana, for the knowledge, patience, and positivity. 🙂

Anna Romashova

Head of Relationship, DataArt

From the very beginning, the instructor doesn’t promise an easy way, but she truly created a comprehensive course on IT recruiting, after which I found my first job in IT. It’s practical experience that changes your perspective on the entire industry. Highly recommend!

Siyana Taran

Talent Acquisition Team Lead, EPAM

It’s never dull with Tetiana! Her courses on IT recruiting are a whirlwind of impressions. There’s so much new information, but I didn’t expect to dive into the real world of IT professionals so deeply. It’s truly fantastic—thank you for everything!

Alina Hrynko

Recruitment Competence Manager, SoftServe